8 ene. 2014

New year's resolutions. 2014

1. I'm going to eat healthier. 

2.I'm going to learn how to rollerblade.


4.This is going to be my motto

5.I fucking need to try IN-N-OUT


7.I'm going to read this every freking day.

8.I'm going to learn how to make some fucking fancy cakes.

9.I have/need/must go to a crazy music festival.

10.Maybe? Someday? I'm going to get my ass fitted.

11.I'm going to do some pretty things like this

12.I'm not going to think this anymore

13.I'm definetly going to spend more time in the sea with my friends.

14. I need to read this book.

15. I'm going to have the perfect room.

16.I MUST go to a Brandy Melville asap.

17.I need to do this. Maybe not this year. But I will.

18. I need to take one of this.

19. Love and be loved.

20. For those days when I feel like I'm nothing.

21. I need to meet my bestfriend. The other part of me.

22.I need to make one of this.

23. Wear this beautiful thing

24. Read tons of amazing books.


25. Getting the perfect hair.

26. I'll find myself

We'll hope for the best, but expect the worst, sweetie.

I'm sure you'll get there, we will.
Blls -18-