11 nov. 2011

If I were her.

 Hay tantas veces en las que lo veo todo tan claro... y hay otras en las que no se ni por donde empezar.

When a girl wants to kiss you: she plays with her hair, looks down, fiddles with her fingers, and waits for you to make a move

When a boy wants to kiss you: smiles nervously, tilts his head slightly, and waits for the right moment to make a move

When I want to kiss you: I look at you from a distance, and start sobbing about how ugly I am and that I'll die with 80 cats, approximately

Una (o tropecientas) oportunidad(es) mas para mantenerte cerca (de mi).
Don't leave me alone. Never.
¿Me echarás de menos si te vas? (de mi lado).

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